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John serves up tasty fish and chips with LINPAC

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John serves up tasty fish and chips with LINPAC

John Massey of JM’s Restaurant & Takeaway in Retford, Nottinghamshire is rightly proud of his fish and chips and is keen that those taking their meal out of JM’s enjoy it just as much as those eating in the restaurant.
That’s why John spent a lot of time choosing the right packaging to serve his fish and chips in to ensure that the chips don’t turn soggy and the batter remains nice and crisp.
“At one time, it was easy to be concerned with only the cost factor but now, with more choices available and a greater focus on the environmental impact of packaging, our customers are demanding the very best from their local fish and chip shop,” says John.
Packaging is an obvious area where shops can reduce their carbon footprint and help cut the vast amount of food which is wasted each year.
JM’s gets through hundreds of LINPAC Packaging’s HOTpacs each week. For John, who has been in business for the past ten years and has tried everything from paper to cardboard boxes, the HOTpacs range ticks all the boxes when it comes to his packaging needs.
“They look good, keep the fish and chips hot and crisp and have strong environmental credentials, which consumers are demanding more and more,” says John. “Customers want to enjoy the same quality fish and chips at home as when they bought them in the shop.”
HOTpacs are manufactured from EPS which has excellent thermal qualities, keeping heat in and preventing burns to staff and customers when holding the boxes. Unique air flow technology helps to prevent food going soggy or sticking to the box and crucially, they are the lowest carbon footprint packaging option available to fish and chip shop owners.
Unlike bio-degradable packaging which produces methane and carbon dioxide, EPS does not produce any harmful emissions in landfill and the energy consumption used in its manufacture can be recovered through incineration.
At a time when efficiency and profitability is key to small businesses, the HOTpacs score highly for John: “They come in three sizes to offer great portion control, helping to minimise waste and maximise profits.
“Customers return time and again because they enjoy their fish and chips from here. My choice of packaging certainly has a part to play in that. We’ve had good feedback about the boxes too so it’s not just me who is a fan.”
John proudly displays a number of posters, supplied by LINPAC Packaging, explaining his packaging choices. He adds: “I’ve made the choice to offer what I believe to be the perfect packaging solution. I want my customers to be aware and understand the choice I have made to ensure I serve up a good, tasty portion of fish and chips.”

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