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Emotional farewell funeral for Los Cuervos coach and colleague José Luis Parga

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Emotional farewell funeral for Los Cuervos coach and colleague José Luis Parga

We are sad to announce that José Luis Parga, coach of Los Cuervos LINPAC Canoeing Club and who was also a LINPAC colleague, died on Tuesday in his house in Pravia.
José was the responsible for the loading dock of the Quintana Warehouse and he has been a colleague of the Spanish LINPAC team since 1993. He will be sadly missed by his colleagues across the LINPAC group.
Regional newspaper La Nueva España featured a tribute to José in its sports pages yesterday. It’s a fitting farewell:

A strong, straight, and tireless person and a lover of sport values was how friends and colleagues described José Luis Parga Paz, coach of Los Cuervos Canoeing Club of Pravia, who unexpectedly died last Tuesday morning at his home, at 55 years of age.
A further blow to the local canoeing after fatal loss of canoeist Toni Mallo last April. A crowd, which included representatives from the Federation of Canoeing, the Government of Asturias and another clubs in the region, bid farewell yesterday to the local soul of canoeing to the sound of sobs and tears for their loss.
"To say Los Cuervos Club is the same as to say José Luis Parga," said José Ramón Menéndez , a team member. And this is because Parga dedicated his life to canoeing. First as a paddler with a great career that led him to be in the national team with the current president of the Spanish Canoeing Federation, Juan José Román Mangas. And then as a coach, helping, in 1995, Mariano Lopez to be a world champion in the Deva River in Cantabria.
Lopez, visibly affected, recalled how Parga was completely hoarse during the race. "The same kilometers I did paddling, he did screaming all the time beside the river," he said. The ex-paddler describes Parga as a straight and strict coach. "A grumpy old man as we say, but no matter what you did, he always knew how to forgive, and just turned around and had a smile already."
Parga was the teacher for all canoeists who passed through his hands as a technician since 1992. "He was like a second father to all, a person with very good technical skills and thanks to his motivation we were able to endure the training," said Diego Cuervo, president of the club. In fact, it was the paddlers themselves who carried the coffin of Parga into the church at the Collegiate of Pravia, accompanying his wife and daughter.
Los Cuervos will not forget their technician. That is why in Surf Sky Spain Cup to be held the day after tomorrow in Carreño, Mariano Fernández and Braulio Lopez will wear a black ribbons in their K-2 and a T-shirt in memory of Parga.
An competition that will be repeated on Sunday in Zamora during the Iberian Descent of the River Duero. Initially, the Los Cuervos decided d not participate in competitions but now they will by express wishes of the family, as that is what  José would have wanted.

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