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Laurent and Alain complete theTrailwalker challenge for Oxfam

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Laurent and Alain complete theTrailwalker challenge for Oxfam

A tough 100km trek in less than 30 hours, through the hills and valleys of Morvan Regional Natural Park in France, has been completed  by Laurent Bouffandeau and Alain Le Devedec .
Laurent and Alain are from our Pontivy site and took part in the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge with two friends Igor Demesmaeker, from Belgium, and Christophe Alloend, from France, to raise money for the charity which works to end poverty around the world.
Trailwalker events take place around the globe throughout the year – there are 16 trails to choose from in 11 different countries, each one designed to test the character and strength of the bold souls who take on the challenge.
Teams, made up of four people, can choose to run or walk the 100km route but they must cross the finish line within 30 hours from starting out and all four members of the team must cross all checkpoints and the finish line together during the trek.

Here is what Laurent, in his own words, had to say about the trek:
“The challenge is now all behind us! And we have managed to raise more than €4,000 for Oxfam - easily beating our target of €1,500.
“Our team, nicknamed the Smurfs, met up on Friday, May 16 in Avallon, where  we set up our tents alongside 80 other  teams close to the departure where all enjoyed a dinner with all the competitors in the town centre.
“The next day we were up and wide awake at five in the morning for a quick breakfast before a brisk start at 7am on a cold, bright day. Before setting off a gym instructor got us all warmed up to music and then we were off – setting a brisk pace.
“Along the 100km we had eight check-in points. The first was at 17km, and then every  11km after that. Each check-in gave us an opportunity to get a drink, rest, eat and get a massage from the organiser’s masseurs. My teammates loved the massages by the way!
“Until the 50km, it went well, with some light pains in the legs (therefore, the massages ) for Alain and Christophe. From 50km onwards, Igor was having trouble struggling with painful muscles in the legs which slowed us down.  At 70km, Igor decided to stop, to let us go faster and also not to suffer much more – it was about 8pm by then.
“We prepared our headlights for the coming night walking in the woods where it gets dark early and we finally arrived at the finish line 4.37am on Sunday morning, in a sleeping town centre of Avallon where we were greeted by the Oxfam team to the sound of warm applause.
“In the end we were ranked sixth out the entire field of 251. It was a great day and we are so pleased we raised so much money for Oxfam.  I guess, all the team would like to do it again next year – they just don’t know it yet!"
You can look at a gallery of pictures from the trek on the LINPAC Packaging Facebopk Page.

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