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EPS goes Pop! Great branding idea with Airpop

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EPS goes Pop! Great branding idea with Airpop

Expanded polystyrene already goes by many names: EPS, Styrofoam, Styropor, Polyfoam. Now the EPS industry has come up with another – Airpop.
“But why give a new name to an internationally established material like EPS?” asked European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene (Eumeps), launching the promotional campaign at the Interpack fair in Düsseldorf last week. “Simply because the name Airpop immediately brings to mind what the material is made of – It’s air.
This is an act of marketing genius – and should, hopefully, counter act all the negative and misleading gossip about “Airpop”.
Airpop  is a good name as 98 % of it is made of air!
And just a tiny fraction is made of synthetic material, which expands to 50 times its own volume. To protect everything that needs to be protected: food, children’s heads, TVs, fresh fish and thousands of other things.”
The campaign is jointly organised by the German IK packaging organisation and Eumeps’ Power Parts group, and is backed by EPS converters, raw material producers and national EPS associations.
Using graphics and a creative concept the campaign will promote the Airpop name and the protective and environmental benefits of EPS.
The Airpop name certainly sounds more fun and it sidesteps the issue of brand names being used by consumers. But will it catch on with the hard-to-please public?
We hope so. Check out the website here.

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