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We had a surpise visitor to our Pravia site

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We had a surpise visitor to our Pravia site

We had a surpise visitor to our Pravia site – of the feathered variety. Our director of operations Ana Fernández opened a parcel to find a carrier pigeon.
Ana was sent the bird by Prosistemas, an industrial engineering company, inviting her to a demonstration of what they were doing for two of their clients – IKEA’s new shop in Valencia and INDITEX’s premises in Guadalajara.
The bird – let’s call him Pablo The Pigeon – arrived in a very nice box so he was safe and sound. Meanwhile, Prosistemas’ sales person had phoned earlier to warn us we would be receiving a very special package. You can see Pablo peeping out in the picture above.
The message in the box read: “This box carries a very valuable, noble and courageous animal, which competes against its opponents and reaches its goals.
“It is a competition animal. It takes an invitation for you.  Now it just needs to do that for which it is amply prepared. Bring us back your message.”
Paloma Gutiérrez at Pravia tells us; “When you open the box you find the pigeon and an envelope with the instructions of what to do and the actual invitation for the events they are organizing.  When you release Pablo The Pigeon, he flies back home to let Prosistemas know we have accepted the invitation.
“We were also given the contact details of Pablo’s breeder in case we wanted to just return the bird directly and we called him because weather was so bad that Ana was afraid the pigeon would get hurt.
“Incredibly, the breeder is a young man of the area, David Cano, who worked for LINPAC Pravia years ago.  He told us that he was asked by the National Carrier Pigeon Breeders Association to lend a couple of birds for this campaign in this area so it seems they have done the same all over Spain, finding local breeders in order to avoid long journeys to the animals.”
What a great story – thanks Paloma!

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