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Are you a squeezer or a shaker?

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New research commissioned by the British Plastics Federation's Packaging Group shows that when it comes to the Nation’s favourite table sauce, 77% would rather squeeze their tomato ketchup out of a plastic container than shake it out of a glass bottle.

Our Vice President for Marketing & Innovation, Jo Stephenson, is a BPF member and was part of the commissioning team for the study which revealed that plastic was the material of choice for packaging among consumers.

The BPF's research was carried out independently by YouGov which surveyed 2157 UK respondents.

With 77% of UK respondents opting for the plastic squeezable bottle, this highlights the many beneficial properties of such a container for tomato ketchup. The plastic bottle is firm yet has flexibility and is therefore easier both to get the product out of the bottle and to also control the amount dispensed. The nature of the design of these bottles, now boasting a top-down design where the bottle sits on its cap, ensures that it is easier for consumers to get more of the product out and to not leave any in the bottle when finished.
In addition to tomato ketchup plastic bottles, other plastic containers also came out as favourable in the YouGov survey. When asked to rank products in terms of their safety, convenience, versatility, innovativeness and openability, plastic containers (plastic beans container, plastic shower bottles, plastic margarine tubs and plastic water bottles) collectively gained 70% and over of votes by respondents.
Furthering the safety aspect of plastic bottles and containers, consumers were asked to rank a glass bottle, a plastic bottle, a cardboard carton and a metal can in terms of their practicality and safety across all areas in the household. In the kitchen, bathroom, shower cubicle, bedroom and nursery, plastic bottles were ranked as the most safe and most practical 100% of the time.
Philip Law, Director General Designate of the BPF, commented on the results of the YouGov survey: 'These independent findings tell an important story: that the plastics packaging industry has researched and responded successfully to the needs and preferences of UK consumers of all ages. Not only does plastics packaging address society's sustainability goals, it gets the basic job done extraordinarily well - protecting the product and helping the consumer to use it easily'.
The full results of the YouGov survey will be launched at the BPF’s ‘Plastics in Packaging’ seminar, which will take place at the BPF’s offices on June 12th.

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