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#LEARNWHY we are so passionate about Featherstone Rovers

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#LEARNWHY we are so passionate about Featherstone Rovers

As a company, whose global head office is in Featherstone, West Yorkshire, LINPAC is committed to supporting many initiatives in and around the town.
The LINPAC name first appeared on the Featherstone Rovers shirt in 1981/1982 in the first ever shirt sponsorship deal in Rugby League and we were the main sponsor of the club until 1989.
We returned as a commercial partner in 2013 and appeared on the shorts but in a return to the iconic playing kits of the 1980’s the LINPAC logo will again adorn the front of the Rovers shirt.
LINPAC has a long association with the town of Featherstone and we employ more than 250 people in the area. Both Rovers and LINPAC share a passionate commitment to the success and development of the local area and are looking forward to the 2014 season with great anticipation.
Our increased support and commitment to the club is testament to all the hard work we are doing behind the scenes at Rovers.
With our support we hope that the Fev’s Super League aspirations will gather pace and we are delighted that the Fev players will, once again, have a truly global LINPAC brand on the front of their shirts once again.
Over the next month on social media we will be offering an insight helping our followers to #LEARNWHY we are so passionate about Featherstone Rovers and the Big Fellas stadium in our home town.

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