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Laurent and Alain take on Trailwalker challenge for Oxfam

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Laurent and Alain take on Trailwalker challenge for Oxfam

A tough 100km trek in less than 30 hours, through the hills and valleys of Morvan Regional Natural Park in France, is the daunting challenge which awaits two LINPAC colleagues this spring.
Laurent Bouffandeau, left, and Alain Le Devedec, both from our Pontivy site, will be taking part in the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge with two friends Igor Demesmaeker, from Belgium, and Christophe Alloend, from France, to raise money for the charity which works to end poverty around the world.
Trailwalker events take place around the globe throughout the year – there are 16 trails to choose from in 11 different countries, each one designed to test the character and strength of the bold souls who take on the challenge.
Teams, made up of four people, can choose to run or walk the 100km route but they must cross the finish line within 30 hours from starting out and all four members of the team must cross all checkpoints and the finish line together during the trek.
Laurent and Alain’s team, nicknamed ‘Les Smurfs’, have set themselves an even tougher target – they want to complete the challenge in 20 hours and expect to run approximately 40kms and walk 60kms.
Commenting on the tough training exercises the team is taking part in to prepare for Trailwalker, Laurent, Sales Director for France, said: “Due to the geographical situation – Igor in Brussels, Christophe in Angers and myself and Alain in Pontivy it has not been possible for us to all train together yet but that has not stopped us putting on our running shoes and getting in some practice. By the time we do Trailwalker, Alain and I will have completed the Ecotrail, a 50km run between Versailles and Paris, and another 65km run in Brittany.
“Meanwhile, Igor is warming up by competing in some triathlons and Christophe is mixing it up with football, cycling and running. I am very confident that by the time Trailwalker is upon us we will all be ready for the challenge and we will be in with a very good chance of completing it within our target of 20 hours.
“Now we want our friends and colleagues to help spur us on by making a donation through our fundraising web page. And remember, no donation is too small! Every little helps and goes to a very worthy cause, supporting the work of Oxfam around the world.”
Les Smurfs are currently topping the French fundraising leader board having already achieved €2,655 for Oxfam but they are still looking for donations and support to help them make it around the course! To show your support and make a donation, please visit the web site here.
Oxfam is an international charity which works to find practical and innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. The charity works in communities affected by natural, political and economic crises and campaigns so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them. Oxfam works with partner organisations and alongside vulnerable women and men to end the injustices that cause poverty.
Since Trailwalker launched in 1981, thousands of walkers around the world have successfully taken on the challenge. In 2012 more than 22,000 people collectively walked over 2.2 million kilometers and raised more than $18million. Trailwalker routes pass through some commanding natural landscapes including the mountains of Barcelona, rugged Australian bush and through a volcanically active national park in Japan that finishes at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
Les Smurfs begin their challenge on the morning of May 17 and will be competing in the Morvan Regional Natural Park, a protected area of woodlands, rolling hills, lakes and traditional farmland in the Burgundy region of central France. Known as ‘The lungs of Burgundy’, the park covers a total area of 173,000 hectares (430,000 acres) and extends through four different departments with the majority being in Nievre. The area was officially designated as a regional natural park in 1970.
Laurent Bouffandeau, Sales Director for France (Left) and Alain Le Devedec, HSHE Manager at LINPAC Pontivy (Right).

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