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At LINPAC Packaging we’re chillin’ out!

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At LINPAC Packaging we’re chillin’ out!

We’re chillin' here at LINPAC Packaging as we have extended our collection of bowls and containers for salad and deli counters as consumer demand for healthier convenient food choices grows.
We are now offering retailers a range of options to make their packs stand out from the crowd. These include incline display, click and connect, easy grip, and inlaid portion packaging solutions.
The new products are part of our Freshware range which was launched at the beginning of the year to cater for the rising popularity of chilled retail and prepared convenience foods across Europe.
Alongside our standard range of New Leaf and smooth wall hinged containers, LINPAC customers can now choose from:
Pyramid Packs – ideal for any wet salad or deli category such as cous cous, coleslaw or pasta, these funky rPET containers come lidded or tray-sealed and provide excellent shelf appeal.
Vertifresh® Salad and snacking pack solutions – the vertical presentation design ensures maximum visibility of the contents and multiple clip-in topping trays segregate toppings, dressings and protein options to ensure the meal stays fresher for longer.
Bol Salad Collection – Stylish round bowls ideal for colourful fruits and wet or leafy salads. The design of the bowls prevents leaks and helps retain freshness for longer.
Joanna Stephenson, our Vice President for Marketing and Innovation, at LINPAC Packaging says: “Everyone is leading busier lives, eating patterns are changing, basic cooking skills are declining and the desire for fast healthy food that is easily prepared is key for the 21st century consumer.
“Retailers are looking for packaging which displays their products well, drives sales and at the same time creates minimal in store and in the home wastage, whilst food processors and packers require packaging which enhances product value through longer shelf life and also performs efficiently and cost effectively in the food processing supply chain.
“This innovative range of salad containers from LINPAC Packaging addresses these needs. We are also able to work with customers to deliver bespoke solutions for their products, ensuring we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to 21st century pack innovation and meeting retailer and consumer trends.”
Our Freshware range is fully recyclable and manufactured using between 50% and 95% post-consumer food safe recyclate, giving products a low carbon footprint. We have also invested across our sites in in-house super-cleaning technology to ensure the rPET used is contamination free and suitable for use with food.
In addition, many our products have been lightweighted as part of our Project LIFE (LIghtweighting For Excellence) commitment. LIFE is a commitment to driving down material usage, whilst retaining pack functionality, for the benefit of the environment and improving profitability across the supply chain. We have achieved up to a 20% reduction in material usage across our range of films and trays since 2010 through a strong focus on product and site benchmarking, process engineering and investment in product redesign.

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