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How the latest Summer fruit campaign changed packaging trends at Infia

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How the latest Summer fruit campaign changed packaging trends at Infia

Fabio Zoboli, marketing manager of Infia, our Italian sister company and leader in the field of fresh fruit and vegetable packaging offers some reflections on the firm’s recent summer campaign ahead of Macfrut 2012, where Infia is exhibiting this month.
He tells us: "The Spring-Summer fruit campaign 2013 was very much atypical at a European level. The particular weather has in fact extended some of the Spring production and delayed and modified the Summer production.
“On top of these natural factors, the purchase behaviour of some British supermarket chains changed - probably because of a weak sterling - as they have shifted significant part of their summer fruit purchases from traditional suppliers like Italy to mainly Spain, where local producers probably accepted to work at lower prices.
"Another element is the fact that there is a trend leading to the reduction of sales unit of fresh produce.
Fabio says there were three factors affected the packaging sector: "First of all, the extension of the Spanish strawberry campaign which, instead of ending in early May as usual, this year carried on until late June, therefore leading to a bigger consumption of strawberry punnets.
“This was met by a shortening of the Italian strawberry campaign because of the weather and a delay in Summer fruit, with low volumes in June and July and a partial recovery in August.
"In addition to this, there was a reduction of the sale of punnets and specific packets for produce exported to the UK. The size of Summer punnets has also changed, as the classic 1kg unit has been replaced by 750 gram units and loose produce.
"Finally, in Winter and in early Spring, there was a significant reduction of volumes coming from South America, which sold more in Asia as prices over there are far more interesting than the European ones."
The international Macfrut 2013 show of the fruit and vegetable sector will be held in Cesena, Italy from September 25 to September 27, 2013. The big event on the whole fruit and vegetable sector looks particularly interesting. will be held in Cesena from Wednesday 25 to Friday 27.

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