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62 per cent of plastic to be recycled by 2020

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62 per cent of plastic to be recycled by 2020

More than 60 per cent of plastics will be recycled by 2020 according to a study by Plastics Recyclers Europe.
A plastics recycling target of 62 per cent is achievable by says the study showing that a higher recycling rate for plastics will create benefits for the European Union environment, economy and resource efficiency.
“This study, commissioned to Bio Intelligence Service, aims to put forward the most suitable scenario in order to further improve the sustainability of plastics via recycling in Europe in the period to 2020. Enhancing plastics recycling will save scarce resources, create jobs and reduce environmental impacts,” said Ton Emans, Plastics Recyclers Europe President.
The study confirms much of the work we have done LINPAC to ensure that we use more than 50 per cent recyclate in many of our products with some products, such as Rfresh, using more than 90 per recyclate.
Tom Emans added: “The current plastics recycling situation is no longer acceptable. In the long run, economic growth, demographic changes and growing scarcity of raw materials will not allow Europe the luxury of wasting 76 per cent of all plastic materials used. Urgent measures are needed in order to increase recycling rates for plastics. This study proposes crucial measures that should be taken in order to achieve this.”
The implementation of the Vision for Resource Efficiency will:

  • Efficiently use all plastic waste generated by putting 11 million tonnes (mt) of plastics recyclates on the market;
  • Divert more than 24 mt of plastic waste from landfill;
  • Recover energy from 7.5 mt of residual waste;
  • Create around 360 000 jobs (of which 120 000 directly employed by recyclers);
  • Save more than €4.5 billion (by substitution for virgin plastics);
  • Avoid emissions of more than 26 mtCO2.


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