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Which? lifts the lid on packaging that gives you 'wrap rage'

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Which? lifts the lid on packaging that gives you 'wrap rage'

News just in from Which?, the consumer rights organisation, which has highlighted the packaging which drives consumers nuts.
According to Which?’s latest survey of more than 2000 consumers, four in ten people have hurt themselves while trying to open packaging over the last two years. If we scale that up to the UK population, it would equate to a staggering 25 million people.
Surprisingly, the biggest offender for injuries is the humble tin can. Which? Says is it applied the figures for this to the general population, that would mean more than one million people UK-wide are going to their GP or A&E in a two-year period, simply as the result of opening a tin.
Moulded plastic 'clam-shell' packaging is the leading cause of frustration, followed by shrink wrapping and peel-off coverings. Which? recruited an expert panel to examine more than 200 items, most suggested by Which? members.
Injuries while opening packaging may not be so surprising when you consider the range of implements people use to tear their way into goods including food, medicines and household products.
These range from scissors (89%) and knives (66%) to Stanley knives (8%) and screwdrivers (6%). A tiny but worrying minority are even resorting to using razor blades (4%) and hammers (2%) to get to their goods.
A quarter of people regularly need help to open packaging, and the same proportion have to rely on others more than they would like to. That’s a worry with the number of people aged 60-plus due to pass the 20 million mark by 2031, and 3.8 million older people living alone.
Which?’s expert packaging panel emphasised that packaging that uses the right materials is just one part of good design. Another important part is instructions. Time and time again they pointed out products that are hard to open because instructions can’t be seen or aren’t clear enough.
Which? editor Richard Headland said: “With one in four people telling us they regularly need help to open everyday products, bad packaging is not only frustrating but is causing injuries too. We want manufacturers to improve the design of product packaging and make opening instructions much clearer.
That’s why at LINPAC we design packaging for people.

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