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BPF Exhibition opens in key government ministry

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BPF Exhibition opens in key government ministry

Michael Fallon MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise has officially opened the British Plastic Federation’s Plastics the Facts exhibition in the foyer at the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills's central London headquarters at 1 Victoria Street, SW1
The exhibition aims to communicate the 'real facts' about plastics to Ministers, civil servants and government officials housed in this very large office complex, as well as the many civil servants from other government Departments and MPs who visit the building.
The display mounted by the BPF shows how plastics are key to the success of a vast array of UK manufacturing, distribution and service sectors, for example aerospace, construction, furniture, healthcare, and retail and how the material is facilitating the emergence of a low carbon economy.
The display establishes how the plastics industry is an essential part of the country's manufacturing DNA and how future business here in the UK will be impossible without the contribution of plastics. Part of the display has an historical element featuring the BPF's timeline which charts the UK's contribution to the development of the global industry.
A central element of the display illustrates the key beneficial properties of plastics such as their light weight, durability, low conductivity, the energy savings achievable in use and their recyclability. It shows the design freedom available with plastics and The Museum of Design in Plastics (MODIP) in Bournemouth was specially commissioned by the BPF to curate two showcases of iconic products, specially selected from its unique holdings of plastics historical artefacts.
Additionally the exhibition features a message from Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills, congratulating the BPF on its 80th Anniversary year. Dr Cable pays tribute to the BPF's achievements and recognises the scale and importance of the £19 billion plastics industry to the UK economy.
Also with its proximity to Westminster Abbey, thousands of tourists will pass by 1 Victoria Street this summer. Key messages about the role of plastics face out into Victoria Street from the BIS foyer widows to inform passers-by about, for example, the role of plastics packaging in reducing food waste.
As the Minister toured the exhibition Mike Boswell and BPF's immediate Past President, Philip Watkins, were able to discuss two key issues  with him - the security of energy supply and the need for greater provision of dedicated training for the plastics processing sector.
The exhibition will be open until Friday 2nd August.

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