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Keeping food fresher for longer in Russia with LINfresh

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Keeping food fresher for longer in Russia with LINfresh

In response to growing demand for meat products in Russia we have introduced our new range of foam trays to the market which help to extend the shelf life of protein products.
Meat consumption in Russia has increased by one per cent year on year and is forecast to continue to grow at this rate until 2016. This increase in demand is reflected by figures showing that the country’s chilled and fresh meat industry is currently worth €6.4bn, up from €6.2bn two years ago and predicted to grow to more than €6.5bn by 2015.
Robert Krzyzaniak, Managing Director at LINPAC Russia, said the growing market combined with the fact that Russia’s GDP in purchasing power parity terms had almost tripled during the past decade were key factors in the food packaging company choosing to expand their product portfolio in the country.
A challenge for the food supply chain in Russia is the vast distances fresh food has to travel between processor, retailer and consumer. Damage to products and food waste, and the related cost implications, is a constant cause for concern for both manufacturers and supermarkets.
The new LINfresh® trays for meat and fish products are designed for top sealed modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and do not require packers to apply new machine settings.
They combine quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) with barrier technology which helps to extend the shelf life of food by up to 300% when compared with traditional non-MAP packaging methods. Additionally, when the trays are used in conjunction with LINPAC Packaging’s complementary lidding film, LINtop PE HB, customers have the ultimate tray/film combination, giving enhanced performance in terms of shelf life, presentation and protection.
Robert says: “LINfresh complements our existing portfolio of foam EPS trays for protein foods, enabling us to offer our Russian customers the best solutions for their needs. Our LINfresh range increases shelf life by several days thanks to its barrier technology, keeping food fresher for longer and ultimately reducing food waste across the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to consumer. If we also factor in the merits of outstanding product protection and presentation, the LINfresh range is an exceptionally efficient choice.
“We can also offer customers a range of compatible lidding films so that they achieve optimum performance from their trays and have the peace of mind which comes with using one supplier to create the ultimate pack solution.”
LINfresh is manufactured in Bukowice, Poland, and operations will be extended to Belarus when the new plant opens there in the next 12 months.
The expanded manufacturing capabilities will enable LINPAC to manufacture and supply the Russian and Central and Eastern European markets with EPS trays which have already proved popular with food processors, packers and retailers in other European countries. The move ensures that Russian customers will have direct access to these innovations.

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