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New tableware for the summer

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New tableware for the summer

We have launched a premium range of fully recyclable tableware just in time for the summer season.
The Primesse range of disposable bowls and plates, which are available in a choice of black or white, has been designed especially for cold foods and offers retailers and consumers a quality alternative to EPS and paper tableware.
Adam Barnett, our Vice President, Sales at LINPAC Packaging, says: “The Primesse range offers superior quality and appearance and provides for a hygienic way for consumers to dine outdoors. The plates and bowls are available in a variety of sizes and includes divided plates for portion control.
“The range is ideal to serve cold foodstuffs in, such as summer salads, fruit or desserts and products are sturdy and robust so consumers feel comfortable standing around eating in party situations.
Products in the range contain a market leading minimum of 95% recycled PET and the recycled material used in their manufacture goes through LINPAC Packaging’s food grade super cleaning system to ensure the company is not only meeting but exceeding all food safety regulations. To further enhance its environmental benefits, Primesse is fully recyclable at the end of its service life.
Adam added: “The Primesse bowls and plates provide the same high quality performance our customers see with products made from virgin material. Retailers can feel absolutely confident when choosing the Primesse range for their summer tableware lines that the packaging offers high standards in terms of product presentation, protection and environmental credentials.”

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