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A new guide extolling the virtues of plastic packaging has been published which underscores many of the arguments we have made in defence of packaging – it’s recommended reading for anyone interested in the role of plastic packaging and the contribution it makes to society.
The guide – Plastics Packaging: The Progressive Packaging Medium - has been produced by the British Plastics Federation to help Government, Local Authorities, Consumer bodies and other Non-Governmental Organisations to understand the key benefits brought by plastics packaging. The British Plastics Federation – of which LINPAC Packaging is a member - is certainly well qualified to present this information.
Founded in 1933 it is the first established plastics federation in the world with the BPF’s Packaging Group representing the UK manufacturers of all types of plastic packaging including containers, bottles, drums, trays, boxes, cups and vending packaging, baby products and protection packaging.
The BPF is at the cutting edge in its understanding of how sustainability applies to plastic packaging materials as witnessed by its participation in the ground-breaking initiative, the Plastics 2020 Challenge. Our Guide illustrates how plastics products will help mitigate the effects of Climate Change.
The BPF is a member of both the Packaging Federation and a Trade Association member of INCPEN, a non-profit, research-based organization which draws together an influential group of companies who share a vision of the future in which all production, distribution, and consumption are sustainable.
The UK plastics packaging industry is a UK economic strength - it employs more than 50,000 people and has annualised sales revenue is estimated to approach £ 5 billion.
Over one-third of plastics is consumed by the packaging sector in the UK. Historically the industry is rooted in the UK's entrepôt trade which packaging facilitated.
The UK has boasted the great names of the global packaging sector and today is at the cutting edge of the international plastics packaging industry.
The guide is an excellent antidote to a lot of the nonsense we hear about packaging like this story which recently appeared on Wales Online: Call for manufacturers and retailers to cut down on packaging

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