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A warm welcome for Shadow Environment Secretary Mary Creagh

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A warm welcome for Shadow Environment Secretary Mary Creagh

As Shadow Environment Secretary Mary is interested in the area of food packaging and recycling and welcomed the tour of Featherstone where the company employs more than 250 staff.

Mary met Managing Director David Meldram, Vice-President Marketing & Innovation Joanna Stephenson and other members of staff as well as Dick Searle, chief executive of the Packaging Federation, trade association for the UK packaging manufacturing industry.

As well as touring the company’s manufacturing facilities Mary discussed with the management team how LINPAC Packaging’s recent innovation had helped reduce food waste by extending the shelf life of food and the efforts it continues to make to reduce packaging’s carbon footprint.

David Meldram said: “As the Shadow Environment Secretary Mary has shown a keen interest in the work we do at LINPAC Packaging and the efforts we have made in recent years to help consumers cut down on food waste and introducing sustainability throughout the food packaging cycle.”

Mary said: “The packaging industry is a major employer in Featherstone and throughout the UK and my visit to LINPAC gave me a further insight into how the packaging sector can have a positive impact on the environment. We need to harness innovation to drive down the amount of food we waste in our homes and good packaging can play a key role in that.”

The previous day the Shadow Secretary of State for Defra was the keynote speaker at the Foodservice Packaging Association’s annual environment seminar.

Dick Searle said: “As a key member of the Packaging Federation LINPAC Packaging is well place to brief the Shadow Minister on the current state of the European packaging sector. Without packaging, much food and many goods would be damaged or spoiled before they got to the consumer.

“A delicate balance has to be struck between providing adequate protection for the products inside and keeping packaging to a minimum and the industry has an interest in using only the right amount of packaging because this reduces costs, complies with the packaging laws and protects the environment.”

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