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Plastics recycling set to grow

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Plastics recycling set to grow

Plastics recycling will continue to grow according to EuPR at it annual meeting in Brussels.

The event was devoted to the subject of: “Resource Efficiency for Plastics.” It has turned out to be a great success with more than 160 guests attending. During this event EuPR has unveiled its new corporate identity. This new image stands for positive changes in the European plastics recycling industry.

The new name Plastics Recyclers Europe, as well as, the new website are to emphasize the transformations that the plastics recycling industry is currently undergoing – its development, improvement and growth to serve the plastics industry on its way to sustainability.

The panel of conferences, moderated by Alexandre Dangis, on “Resource Efficiency for Plastics” and the debate were concerned mainly with the issue of boosting plastics recycling as well as improvement of current waste management systems. EuPR has revealed, as well, its priorities and objectives for the future in an updated Strategy Paper. Plastic Recyclers Europe main objective is to increase recycling targets.

Their aim is to introduce an eco-design for plastics products to make recycling more efficient and more accessible. Additionally, they are emphasising the need to stop landfilling of waste which could be destined for reuse and recycling. Ton Emans, EuPR president, said: “We should push plastics recycling for higher targets in order to improve Europe’s efficiency and in order to better manage our own resources.”

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