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Hot Food to Go

A deep understanding of the demands of today’s fast changing modern lifestyle means LINPAC Packaging can offer you packaging solutions which will drive growth, enhance your profitability and at the same time deliver a sustainable solution that reduces food waste.



The easy choice for caterers – from outdoor events to company canteens, from fast food operations to a simple BBQ, Trimplates from LINPAC meet all your catering needs. This lightweight family of non absorbent, single service tableware is the easy choice for the professional caterer.

  • Safe and Reliable – the robust design of this non-absorbent tableware ensures it retains its shape for any meal
  • Easy to use – hygienic, single service design for the busy catering environment
  • Maximise your profits - divided plates offer portion control to reduce food waste and minimise your costs



LINPAC offers an impressive range of hinged boxes low in weight and with a low carbon foot print.

  • Products using the best ingredients deserve the best packaging!Ensure your hot food stays hot and preserve the most important factor – taste - by choosing from our extensive family of hot food containers
  • Easy to use – designed for the hectic catering environment
  • Maximise your profits - accurate portion control minimises your costs and food waste

FC Meal Boxes

Combining a unique air flow technology with a sleek design to offer you perfect packaging

  • Enhance your customer satisfaction - unique air flow technology ensures battered food stays crisper for longer
  • Minimum shelf space utilisation – compact design with great stacking ability for the busy catering environment
  • Flexible design - small, medium and large sizes to suit all meal options

Catering Trays

Your perfect packaging partner for outdoor catering!

  • Increase your customer satisfaction – LINPAC Catering trays are quick and easy to fill to minimise your queuing times
  • Compact storage - minimise your storage needs by choosing the ‘Space Saver’ range
  • Flexible Range - a diverse size range ensures a tray size to suit every meal and event option