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Printing Films - Pentaprint®
At Klöckner Pentaplast, we know that your customers want durable, beautiful printed products. That’s why we manufacture Pentaprint®, a line of printing films ideal for everything from signs to greeting cards.
  • Pentaprint® film is an incredibly versatile printing medium that delivers exceptional brilliance, enhanced aesthetics, and added shelf appeal for your product
  • The film resists water, chemicals, punctures, and tears, making your printed materials more durable
Klöckner Pentaplast manufactures high-quality films that perform for you. With Pentaprint®, you can choose from a wide range of processing options.
  • Pentaprint® films can be used in all conventional printing technologies without any pre-treatment. Ink adheres beautifully to these films for high surface integrity
  • Klöckner Pentaplast films do not have profile problems and they are dimensionally stable, so you get greater processability and fewer rejects
  • All Klöckner Pentaplast films are manufactured in a controlled environment to the strictest current GMP standards
  • Pentaprint® films can conform to FDA and BGVV standards upon request. They meet HACCP directives
Applications include: art prints, mousepads, banners, placards, operating instructions, calendars, organizational aids, greeting cards, overhead acetates, identity cards, labels, maps, posters, signs, displays, and teaching materials.
Klöckner Pentaplast quality is also about people. Around the globe, our employees back up every sale with exceptional service.
  • Our sales people will guide you to the right film and help you to find cost-effective solutions, whatever your needs
  • With our manufacturing expertise, you can reduce total product costs without sacrificing quality
  • Klöckner Pentaplast’s global technical support services are unique in the industry
  • Klöckner Pentaplast engineers develop customer-specific solutions. And our researchers continue to pioneer the development of new formulations and films
With Klöckner Pentaplast, you get a complete package of high-quality products and outstanding service.

Film Types

Pentaprint® Rigid Vinyl Films

Klöckner Pentaplast rigid vinyl films are a widely used print medium. They offer straightforward solutions for demanding printing and packaging tasks.

  • With these films, you get a high-quality standard material with outstanding processing properties
  • The films are also offered in an extensive variety of formulations to suit your specific needs
  • All Klöckner Pentaplast rigid films have superior surface quality. Available surfaces include: gloss/gloss, gloss/matte, matte/matte, embossed/gloss, and embossed/matte
  • Films are also available with special properties that meet the French M1 and German B1 requirements

Pentaprint® Rigid PETG Films

Klöckner Pentaplast Pentaprint® rigid polyester films are formulated to give you perfect, glass-like transparency.

They are available in gloss/gloss, gloss/matte, and matte/matte surfaces.

Pentaprint® SmartCycle® Rigid PET Films

Klöckner Pentaplast offers SmartCycle® films to help our customers achieve their sustainable packaging goals. Made from recycled plastic beverage bottles, these films are used for trays, clamshells, blisters, all-plastic boxes, and various other containers as well as printed signage and stationery applications.

SmartCycle® films offer a range of products with various guaranteed levels of post-consumer recycled plastic bottle content. These films are certified to meet packaging regulations and to comply with all FDA regulations for direct food contact as well as all applicable EU regulations and directives for food contact.

SmartCycle® films provide a plastic product option to consumer product companies and retailers while building long-term value by helping them move toward their sustainable product goals. Because the SmartCycle® logo may appear on the plastic products using this film, consumers can make educated choices on their purchases.

The SmartCycle® process of making film from recycled plastic bottles saves energy, natural resources, and, ultimately, will help spur collection of bottles and potentially products. This begins with marking all products with the SmartCycle® logo derived from the petaloid base found on most PET bottles. A key goal of SmartCycle® is to help people feel positive (Smart) about and responsible for their product choice by conveying the story of sustainable products to the entire value chain (Cycle)—consumers, retailers, OEMs, converters, printers, and resource recovery plants. Finally, at the end of the use cycle, the goal of the SmartCycle® mark is to facilitate actual recycling—not down cycling. Currently, most municipalities, retailers, and recycling companies collect only bottles and do not recycle plastic products due to concern for mixing polymer types. With a unique identifying mark, SmartCycle® products could potentially allow these items to be reprocessed into new products along with bottles made from like plastics.

Pentaprint® Rigid GAG (GPETG) Films

Klöckner Pentaplast Pentaprint® rigid polyester films are formulated to give you perfect, glass-like transparency.

They are available in gloss/gloss, gloss/matte, and matte/matte surfaces.

Pentaprint® Rigid HIPS Films

Lot-to-lot, Klöckner Pentaplast Pentaprint® rigid high-impact polystyrene films give you consistent color and sheet squareness.

  • These films offer superior ink receptivity
  • They die-cut well
  • They have excellent dimensional stability
  • They are available in one- or two-sided corona treatment and gloss/matte and matte/matte surfaces

Pentaprint® Rigid PP Films

Pentaprint® rigid polypropylene films are a premium material for designing modern organizational aids and associated packaging.

  • These films have refined optical properties that allow you to perfectly transfer images. Vivid printing distinguishes-and sells-your products
  • Klöckner Pentaplast films are extraordinarily rigid, with tensile and flexural strength at low densities
  • You can choose permanent anti-static and flame-resistant options.
  • Opaque and transparent colors are available
  • The wide range of surfaces includes gloss/gloss, gloss/matte, matte/matte and embossed/matte

Pentaprint® Rigid HDPE Films

Pentaprint® Rigid HTR Films

Pentaprint® rigid HTR films are a high tear resistant material for designing printing, thermoforming, laminating, and packaging where durability is key.

  • These films have high tear resistant properties to ensure product integrity in all types of process and weather conditions
  • They offer superior receptivity to inks and adhesives
  • Klöckner Pentaplast films are UV protected and can be customized to further extend product life
  • kp films are extraordinarily rigid, with tensile and flexural strength at low densities
  • Surfaces are available in gloss/matte and matte/matte
  • Opaque and custom colors are available

Pentaprint® digital rigid vinyl films with or without coating for digital printing

Pentaprint® digital films have a white-matte ink-jet treatment that offers a brilliant print surface.

  • These films can be printed with pigmented or dye inks on water base. You get outstanding color rendering
  • After a short drying time, film printed with pigmented inks is waterproof and wipe-resistant and can be used outdoors, without lamination
  • The film is UV stable for up to two years
  • The film is stiff, with a high resistance to tearing
  • The film can be slit, laminated, or glued
  • Films meet the standard for building materials class B2 according to DIN 4102. Classification according to UL94VTM-0 can be obtained

Printing Brochures
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