Pentapharm® BlisterPro® XCEL Services

Klöckner Pentaplast’s comprehensive BlisterPro® XCEL services offer advanced pharmaceutical packaging design and prototyping capabilities. Exclusively partnered with FreeThink Technologies to incorporate accelerated product shelf life modeling across multiple climate zones, BlisterPro® XCEL services deliver optimization of both product and packaging. Combining ASAP lab studies, ASAPprime® software and BlisterPro® XCEL design and prototyping services enables accelerated market introduction with increased accuracy in stability testing using the most cost-effective blister film to meet your requirements.

Klöckner Pentaplast's BlisterPro® XCEL services optimize pharma package designs to meet product needs.

BlisterPro® XCEL services optimize the union of product and packaging. Protective barrier properties of the final package are predicted without the need for expensive and time-consuming line trials. Months of design, testing and feedback can now, in many cases, be accomplished in weeks.

BlisterPro® XCEL Services Overview

  • BlisterPro® XCEL Services Pentapharm®
    Dimensioned tablet
  • BlisterPro® XCEL Services Pentapharm®
    Ellipsoid tablet
  • BlisterPro® XCEL Services Pentapharm®
    Medical device finite element analysis
  • BlisterPro® XCEL Services Pentapharm®
    Prototype tool for blister machine
Once packaging production is underway, BlisterPro® XCEL services can provide manufacturing consulting, on-site troubleshooting and training to increase line efficiency, speed and quality.
At the kp in Charlottesville, Virginia, packaging professionals can join in all stages of the BlisterPro® XCEL process to create the perfect package for their product. Collaborations at the kp can result in personalized packaging prototypes in as little as one week.
Providing essential insights into product and packaging needs, Klöckner Pentaplast’s BlisterPro® XCEL services help clear the path to product launch, so your first choice will be the right choice, every time.
  • 3-D simulations backed by experimental results
  • ASAPprime® accelerated product stability modeling software
  • ASAP predictive lab studies
  • CNC (computer numerical control) automated tooling manufacturing
  • Manufacturing consulting and on-site troubleshooting
  • Materials and production training programs
  • Pentapharm® BlisterPro® finite element analysis
  • Permeability, film-thickness & surface-area prediction of thermoformed cavities
  • State-of-the-art blister packaging machine
  • Tool designs for optimal barrier performance
  • Value engineering consulting to increase line efficiency, speed and quality
  • Address blister design/barrier constraints
  • Estimate shelf life of products in blisters
  • Evaluation of existing package design and material
  • New package design
  • Product expansion into new regions
  • Product formulation optimization
  • Production process improvement
  • Switch-out from cold form to thermoformed packaging
  • Accelerated speed-to-market
  • Accurate product stability profiles across multiple climate zones
  • Rapid comparison to originator products
  • Alignment of product stability performance with the most cost effective barrier to meet shelf life requirements
  • Cost and time savings across packaging design, testing, and operational phases
  • Excellent accuracy of blister MVTR and OTR predictions
  • Prevent costly package screening studies, tooling expenditures, production line trials & design pitfalls
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