Pentafood® Hotfill PET

Heat resistance meets PET – the solution for hot-fill applications in food
Combining increased heat resistance with the excellent transparency of a PET film, Pentafood® Hotfill PET provides the solution for customers seeking food packaging for hotfill applications with added attractiveness in design. The film also supports the growing demand for highly secured packaged goods made with sustainable materials.
Pentafood® Hotfill PET
Pentafood® Hotfill PET

Trends in the food market

The food market’s growing desire for more sustainable packaging, coupled with brands’ ongoing creative approaches to increasing the attractiveness of their products on shelves, positions Pentafood® Hotfill PET as a valuable film choice that also solves the growing need for hot-fill applications.

About Pentafood® Hotfill PET

Pentafood® Hotfill PET supports an increased temperature resistance to 90°C/ 194 °F. At the point of sale, consumers will see glossy packaging with excellent transparency that allows for instant and clear visibility of the product contents. Pentafood® Hotfill PET is recyclable and meets the growing demand for highly secure packaged goods made with sustainable materials.
Technical Features:
  • Increased heat resistance to 90°C/ 194°F
  • Excellent transparency and gloss
  • Suitable for deepdraw applications
  • Recyclable
  • SmartCycle ® options with PCR content
  • Runs on standard thermoforming and FFS equipment
Added Value:
  • High shelf attractiveness
  • Safe and Sustainable solution based on PET
  • Adaptable to many product categories and individual forms
Cost Saving:
  • Reduced complexity and price volatility in the supply chain
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