Convenience Packaging Solutions

IMAGINE. Packaging solutions that deliver on raising demand for convenience. We did and we developed a full portfolio of products specific to each category. Dairy, specialty sliced cheese and meats and prepared meals are among the fastest growing categories within the convenience sector. The convenience of minimal or no preparation time and nutritional benefits make these food options a popular choice today.
Create your own unique packaging solution utilizing color and finish options to enhance your brand image and get product noticed on the shelf. Utilize kp’s bi-color manufacturing capabilities to create packaging that enhances product from the inside and promotes your brand on the outside. If you are looking for a pearlescent, metallic or other visual effect, we have the capability to customize and create something that reflects your brand aesthetics and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Packaging Solutions for Convenience

Growing by double-digits, prepared meals and specialty foods are a great opportunity driven by the increasing need for healthier choices and quick solutions. Choosing a packaging solution that ensures the product stays shelf stable for chilled and frozen meals, as well as soups, is key. Our polypropylene packaging solutions deliver high performance throughout the value chain and allow suppliers to address the growing need of this category.
  • Enhanced clarity is available for those products which require content visibility.
  • Anti-fog characteristics are available for hot/cold product applications.
  • Improved operations, allowing for longer tool and knife life.
  • Naturally lighter weight compared to other options.
  • Specialty Foods
  • Microwavable/Hot-Fill
  • Retail Fresh Products and Specialty Foods
  • Food Service – On the Go

Packaging Solutions for Dairy

Set yogurt is one of the most preferred dairy products in North America. Product variants, such as Greek yogurt and yogurt shakes have achieved significant growth in the last three years. Brands and private labels need to be able to communicate health, wellness and food safety by enabling transparency of the farm to fork process and value chain. In the dairy market, traditional value drivers of price, taste and convenience have been supplemented by a number of evolving drivers such as health and wellness, safety, social impact and user experience.
  • Crush strength film construction offers the support necessary to keep the product safe while maintaining appearance in transit.
  • Enhanced clarity with kp’s klearcup® film is available for those products which require the contents to be visible.
  • Moisture and oxygen transmission is ideal for live cultured dairy products.
  • Improved operations allowing for longer tool and knife life.
  • Up to four layers available to maximize both custom appearance and cost saving opportunities.
  • High gloss finish available.
  • Yogurt Cups
  • Butter Cups
  • Condiment Portion Packs

In the spotlight

Increase your content visibility by selecting kp klearcup films for improved clarity. Customers will see the beautiful product you manufacture more clearly, while the film discreetly protects the contents.
kp klearcup® Polystyrene Provides:

  • 90% improvement in transparency over standard natural PS in cup form
  • Drop-in settings for form fill seal and cut processes compared to standard PS formulations
  • Meets top load requirements of standard PS cups
  • Fully snappable films for multi-packs as with standard PS
kp klearcup (Ultra Clear) Characteristics:

  • Enhanced clarity - 30% better than natural polystyrene
  • Haze - 25% better than natural polystyrene
  • Suitable top load performances for all yogurt applications

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